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The specs say that it has the usb 2.

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Tuanks in advance for the help. The design is simple, yet moves away from all the "minimalist" designs being tossed around the market today. Very portable and compact.

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This was a big plus for me as I could easily carry it in my vest pocket at work. The screen's very clear and getting used to the button positioning wasn't too much of a task. As for drops, the only thing I've noticed after the dozens of drops on hard floors are small chips on the side. In regards to the phone's functionality, it runs a solid version of Microsoft's Windows OS.

I've used Android before and have used the iOS on my sister's devices, and when compared with the 2, the Windows OS just slices them like a sharp blade. I've rarely experienced lags or freezes maybe 4 times altogether in the 16 month period that I've owned this. Everything in the phone's "start" menu if you'd like to call it that is pretty straight forward and you will not find yourself on a quest, hunting down whatever it is that you're searching for.

This little phone delivers good performance as well and wait times aren't going to be unbearable by any means. Excellent response time and smooth transitions for the most part. I'm not too familiar with Apple products' batteries, but Android batteries drain way too quick even with power-management. This phone's battery isn't that great but within the 16 month period that I've had this phone, not once have I relied on a battery management app to save my battery. Also, with the Lumia , I've never been frightened by any over-heating issues unlike my Android phone which was boiling on the 3rd day.

The 5MP camera on the phone doesn't pack all that much power but it isn't utterly dreadful either. I've taken a few pictures and no matter the weather conditions, the pics have always turned out decent enough to be posted on social networking sites. So, where does this phone take the fall? There aren't many apps readily for this phone. In today's age, apps and cellphone gaming are a big deal whether it's for showing off, acquiring a useful and necessary daily tool, or to conquer boredom at work.

How long can one play simple puzzle or word games for? What does one do when there's nothing to do at work? How does one live without Youtube?

That's right. No Youtube. Going onto YT's website brings up a big black box where the video should've been and it reads something along the lines of "Please go to Adobe's website and get yourself a Flash player". And the AllRecipes app pushes daily recipes to its Live Tile. That means you'll see updates from all three social networks from within the People hub under the What's New stream.

The 30 Best Windows Phone Apps

Don't want to see it all at once? Tap All Accounts and select which services you want Mango to show updates for on your phone. When you see a tweet in your stream, you can either reply to it or retweet it, but you can't send a direct message to a contact who's following you. However, you can look up profiles and click on hashtags. You can also add comments to LinkedIn updates. As before, you can either Like or comment on Facebook updates. Social networking extends to the Internet Explorer Mobile browser, too, where you can share links using the above services.

We have a couple of issues with the way Windows Phone 7. Instead, you need to tap Social Networks first. Why not just list all of these options on the first screen? On the plus side, you can set IE Mobile to post your update to multiple networks at one time. Other areas where you'll see social networking integration include the Pictures hub where you can see what your friends have posted recently , and in the People Hub you can see social updates and photos shared by individual contacts.

Also note that Windows Phone now supports Facebook calendar events.

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  • Those looking for deeper functionality can always use dedicated apps for Facebook and Twitter, but we didn't see a LinkedIn app in the Marketplace. Whether you're new in town or you're just looking for something to do, the Local Scout feature in Windows Phone 7. The Microsoft-made app recommends places to eat, drink, and shop, as well as events and attractions.

    If you see something you like, you can easily pin it to the Start screen for easy retrieval. Microsoft says that it has improved copy and paste in Windows Phone 7. You just tap on the screen once, and you'll be able to slide left- and right-facing arrows to cover the text you want to copy to the clipboard.

    Unfortunately, moving the cursor to a specific location is a pain. You have to first press and hold the screen, then drag a vertical line to where you want to enter or delete text. Microsoft has always emphasized picture taking in Windows Phone, especially with the ability to start the camera by pressing a dedicated button with the screen off. You can manually enter tags for shots you've taken stored on Facebook and SkyDrive, and the software is smart enough to automatically detect faces. You can quickly share photos you've taken via Facebook, SkyDrive, or Twitter, but before you do you might want to check out the new Auto-Fix feature.

    It automatically re-adjusts the exposure and white balance to achieve a better-looking image. However, you can't crop photos or make other fine-tune adjustments. There's a lot that we like about the browser in Windows Phone 7.

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    • The interface is nice and clean, and you can use the smart address bar for entering URLs and searches. In addition, zooming is nice and smooth. Some welcome features include hardware-accelerated graphics, as well as the ability to pin sites to the Start screen. However, we have some issues with IE Mobile. Many mobile sites looked very basic compared to when we loaded them on an Android or iOS device. On CNN, for example, only the Android version of the mobile site allowed us to jump to a section.

      Tabbed browsing also requires more effort than we'd expect see above right. It's nice that you can keep six sites open at once, but you need to tap the Menu key and then tabs to see them. That's the price of having more real estate for displaying content. When it comes to productivity, Windows Phone 7. The Office Hub houses mobile versions of Excel, Powerpoint, and Word for viewing and editing documents.

      What's new is support for Office , Microsoft's subscription service. Once you enter your credentials, your Windows Phone will sync your e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks. You phone will also automatically populate the Office Hub with SharePoint team sites for collaboration.

      Last but not least, you'll be invited to download the new Lync app for instant communication. We continue to appreciate the link inboxes so that you can see all of your messages on a single screen. You can also create specific linked inboxes so you can more easily separate work messages from other e-mails. It's located in the Calendar hub instead of the Office hub, but we like the new To-Do List feature, which automatically syncs with Windows Live or Exchange if you use it. Music on Windows Phone has been a priority since day one, but the experience gets better with 7.

      A new Smart DJ feature automatically creates a music mix based on an album, artist, or song you like. We also wish you didn't need to sync with the Zune desktop software to update your phone's software; Android is in the cloud; Apple is going there; and Microsoft needs to be there for over-the-air updates.

      That's our biggest issue with Zune.

      Related Features

      Your Windows Phone shouldn't greet you with this message when you click on Music: Connect to your computer to sync music. There's a reason why every Windows Phone has a search button. In Mango it brings you straight to the improved Bing, which lets you search the web but also provides shortcuts to Local Scout, a Shazam-style music search feature, Bing Vision similar to Google Goggles , and Voice Search. It's a minor gripe, but we don't get why the keyboard doesn't automatically pop up by default when you press the search button. You first need to select the search box.

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