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And the design is underwhelming.

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Still, no harm in using this one. This iOS 8 widget came close because it apparently lets you compose tweets directly from the Notification Center.

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If any reader has better luck, let us know in the comments! Make Twitter less overwhelming with Eddy, which displays one tweet at a time in a minimalist interface. Check out our full review of Eddy for more details. What about you? Do you use the original Twitter app instead of any third-party app?

Image credits: Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. I love tweetbot but there's 3 big things it doesn't do: U can't send pictures in DM, u can't view group DM messages, and quote tweets don't appear in your mentions, u have to either see it in ur timeline to respond to it, or have it show up in your notifications tab.

I looked as "Forget Twitter's official app"???? Yes,I am interested,because my mobile is Android.

Twitter vs. The Rest

Cool, I'll ask my Android editor if he wants a similar guide and if he says yes, you should see one soon: You have to use the official Twitter app to send pictures in DMs. I asked tapbots why and they said Twitter hasn't released the api. Tweetbot notifies you of who favorites you and who follows you but if you don't see the notification you won't know, unlike the official Twitter app that shows follows and favorites where it shows your mentions. I use both apps.


The 5 Best Free Twitter Clients for iPhone « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Yup Amy, totally right about the favorites and followers. Tweetbot doesn't have it, but Twitterrific's "Today" tab does that, try it out! The one thing that you DO need the official app for - and which stops me from deleting it - is if you have two-step authentication set up.

When you log into your account via the web, a request to access your account is sent to the official Twitter app, which you must click on to get in. I didn't know that. That's strange, why is the official app necessary for 2FA? I mean, why doesn't it work through a browser? There have been many times when I have been locked out of my Twitter account because the text hasn't arrived.

For me, the only reliable form of 2FA for Twitter is having verification sent to the official app. I really don't care having the official app installed to be honest. It's not something which makes me curse under my breath!! Top Deals.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Use These Instead. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. I still use Echofon.. Would you be interested in a similar look at different Android apps for Twitter? Scroll down for the next article. Yes, it is lower than the donate version right now. Hootsuite — If you want to manage multiple social networking services with one app, Hootsuite is one of the premier players in the game.

Details include the ability to schedule Twitter updates, upload photos, view click stats, and receive notifications.

Janetter — Popular on Windows and Mac, this app handles multiple limited to three accounts, features long press shortcuts, and allows for muting keywords or users. Create a bunch of bookmarks and synchronize your favorite keywords, lists, or lists at once. Plume — Formerly known as Touiteur, Plume is a highly customizable Twitter client with a scrollable widget. Got someone on your timeline who keeps irritating you or spoiling TV shows? Mute them or the name s of your series before relationships are ruined. Gather all of your social goings-on in one centralized, sharp-looking place and stay in touch.

One of the easiest ways to update your status across multiple channels with a single post. Seesmic — One of the first apps and services to allow for multiple social network and multiple account support, Seesmic is highly flexible. Post and read updates, photos, and videos with third party services that include Twitpic, picplz, Yfrog, Lockerz, MobyPicture,and Instagram.

Slices for Twitter — In addition to your standard fare of Twitter features, Slices makes discovery quite fun.

24 insanely great Twitter apps for Android

We like to use this one to follow live events and hop around various categories. For those who prefer to organize users into lists or streams, this Twitter app can auto-detect and categorize the people you follow. Rich in features and customization, users can take advantage of multiple color schemes, photo filters, speak-to-Tweet, and a number of widget options. Keep your place across different devices with TweetMarker or save your links to read later on Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability. Details include multiple columns and social networking services and a simple read: Also works with Foursquare and, for those with a time machine, Google Buzz.

Twicca — It is difficult to talk about this one without making it sound like an average Twitter app.

ubersocial for samsung galaxy pocket Ubersocial for samsung galaxy pocket
ubersocial for samsung galaxy pocket Ubersocial for samsung galaxy pocket
ubersocial for samsung galaxy pocket Ubersocial for samsung galaxy pocket
ubersocial for samsung galaxy pocket Ubersocial for samsung galaxy pocket
ubersocial for samsung galaxy pocket Ubersocial for samsung galaxy pocket

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