Iphone sound effects not working

Potential Solutions for Fixing iPhone No Sound Issue

Your device will now reset.

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You can also use iTunes to restore your iPhone. In this case, you will need a computer running the latest version of iTunes to complete the restore process. To get started, just connect your iPhone to the computer using the supplied USB cable and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the iOS restore. If none of the given solutions works, then there is a higher chance of a hardware problem causing your iPhone to produce no sound, distorted audio or other relevant symptoms.

This is most likely the case if there were prior incidence of dropping or liquid exposure on your iPhone. If you suspect that a defective sound component is causing you this trouble, then you should contact Apple Support or your device carrier for recommendations and other options.

How to fix iPhone no sound when recording videos

If you avail for warranties, then do so instead of paying for hefty repair. If you have other issues with your Apple iPhone 7 Plus , we are always willing to help. Contact us through our iPhone issues questionnaire and provide us with all necessary information about your problem so we can find a solution to your issue. It fixed my problem.

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  • iPhone Sound Not Working: What to Do? - Freemake.

I am going online to complain about this phone if this NEW phone will not start working better for me. I have had my iphone 7 plus for two months with poor sound quality.

I use my phone for work every day and my clients tell me they cannot hear me. My voice goes in and out with static. I also sound like I am in a tunnel. Calling Iphone support often but I have not been able to fix it as yet. So sorry I bought a new phone. My 6 plus was fine. I am having the exact same problem. Now that I read the comments, I am afraid that getting a new one will not fix the problem.

Not sure what the heck to do now…. So damn frustrating. This has been going on for two months now.

Resolve Sound Issues on the iPad

But my phone service has been abysmal for 2 months. So frustrating. I got a new IPhone 7 Plus in March of It had audio issues. They sounded all wobbly and garbily. I was able to get a new I-phone 7 and it is doing the exact same thing. Anyone else having these problems. Why do audio problems occur on your new iPhone 7 Plus?

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Step 3. Bluetooth — When enabled, your iPhone will be connected to and get paired with other Bluetooth devices like speakers, headsets, or TVs. To change this, do the following: Go here: Now, the volume button controls only the device volume. To change the volume of ringers and alerts, you use the slider directly above the "Change with Buttons" switch. If that doesn't help you, then I have no idea what's going on with your device, sorry. Good luck! From other forums, I gathered that it is usually a hardware problem, specifically the dock connector.

Some folks found minute metallic debris in the connection port, and that cleaning the port solved the problem. For me, simply replacing the charging cable solved the problem immediately. That could be a hint as to the cause?? Originally Posted by confal The time now is Copyright Mobile Nations Digital Point modules: The mute button looks like a bell it might have a slash through it on some iPads. It's possible that the system volume is turned up and the iPad is not muted, but the app itself needs the volume turned up.

This can happen if you're using one app to play sounds but then open another that also requires sound, and then return to the first. Most video game apps have their own volume control, and when this is the case, they normally let you mute the game sounds or even just the background music. It's possible that you have one or both of those settings turned on, effectively muting the app.

Go into the settings for that app i. Older iPad models have a switch on the side that can mute and unmute the tablet.

iphone sound effects not working Iphone sound effects not working
iphone sound effects not working Iphone sound effects not working
iphone sound effects not working Iphone sound effects not working
iphone sound effects not working Iphone sound effects not working
iphone sound effects not working Iphone sound effects not working

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