Phone call from santa free uk


O Yes he who delivers all of your presents then. Yes he is. Yes I will.

  • You can now get Santa to call or text your kids if they're being naughty this Christmas.
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How do I call you Santa. Hi Santa is this your real phone number. Can I please have Orbeez for Christmas Santa? Yes I am. Yes I am ho ho ho Merry Christmas Abbe. Sorry the nicest person on the world. Centre Jnhjnum K bhfs. G the j hi hello hi hi guys. Can I see you On christmas Can you wake me up.

Hi Andro. Hi santa I really want to go to the North Pole to see you.

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  6. Get a Free Call From Santa Claus Personalized for Your Child.
  7. I hate Blakely your a bitch. She is. Hi santa this is not the right phone number. Santa i came to your factory. Please Santa call me. Please santa call me and im 9. Juxbkdkkkaskks Dldldndkndnxxn Kxnxndnsnssdnka kznksmsmdmxnl. You went to santas factory Anshumaan? Haylee is sleeping on my phone so I can get the.


    Santa I want light up shoes from Jeremiah. Hi is this Santa OH and I am 8 years old and my name is jayden. You will get them for shur Jeremiah because I know you are so. I know the first video I watched was RubyRubes. That is tru you can mail your self to the north pole. You are rude!!!!!!! I love you. Your Rong. Santa is Good.

    Video call, phone & voicemail

    I what a dilldow for chismas. Santa can you please come to my. Your on naughty list. Hate you.

    VIdeo Call Santa App Screen Record

    Hey santa can your elf come to my house and bringe to North Pole and dring me back home. Yes bicth ass hoe suck my pussy Fuck you. Stop cursing at santa he is nice. Santa please call me. You put how road not how rude. Hey is this a elf. That is rood so you are on the naughty list.

    Shut up Santa. Stop swaring at people. I relly call santa have a merry caisrmas Sata culas Santa did you get my list Santa i relly want for seires3 lol doll pleas can you cAll me santa culas i am a good gril. I my name is berlanda i have been relly good can i have a lot of toys i am 8 yars old. Hi can you please get me an iPhone 7. Ho Ho Ho hi there remember always behave. Hi there do you have any questions about merry Christmas. Ho ho ho santa here my real number is call that number.

    I know you are not the real Santa. I love you santa claus. Santa looks. Fuk you bench. Hi sent. Hey santa love u so much. Hi santa my name is Alyssa i really want pony. Hello kids. Youare Right. Can i go to the North Pole Santa? Yes tomorrow. Santa Bradley here can you call me please santa. Brady said that he wants a baby toy. Thank you.

    Yes you can this santa claus yes you can north pole. Hi Santa have I been a good girl. Sure u can. I want to have a Xbox for Christmas. I love you from kaelyn and Delaney. My sister Soleil called me me and my family fat. Dont send any gifts his year. Can I please get a mermaid tale canopy purple with a black flip her please. I have saw santer. I relly call santa have a merry caisrmas Sata culas. I have been and seen Santa. Ho ho ho mrry christmas this is santa claus yes you.

    A Free Personalized Phone Call from Santa Claus App – Free Phone Call from Santa Himself!

    Hey Santa Claus I have been very good this year. Himsanta I called you and you sounded like you were peseted are you ok. No sorry , make that your next wish for Christmas. How do you mail yourself? I Hope you deliver all your presents. N b UCB. GTheEghcgv hgyg,gab totes ar. Santa I love many in the money box to you i love.

    Ho ho ho you can if you want to Ho ho ho. Will you marry me. Can I come to please. Yes me and Mrs Claus will pick you up on Christmas Eve at Can i pleas come to north pole. Merry Christmas. Santa is not real boy. Hou hku bigkyoi kin rtqx.

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    • Tailored Calls for Naughty and Nice Kids.
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    • ‎Message from Santa! on the App Store!
    • Both a festive surprise, and an effective behavioural tool.

    Rqrc tqervsrax. Hey santa I Santa to now if I hace been good or not. Dear Santa , What I think I want for you to go lose some weight. Santa I want a laptop and Jake paul murch. Santa your the best i wish I can call you plz. Santa can you call my dad No you dummy. I can u wwe. The whole idea is awesome. I know he just called me. Try it now that it is in the Christmas season. I just did and it worked. His number is Satan what is your phone number and phone please take my? WWE qeqw are. I jist called, and it worked. Satan can you call my and bring elfie to our house. I know. Both a festive surprise, and an effective behavioural tool A simple and easy to use app to be used as a discipline aid for young children.

    New app gets Santa to call or text your kids if they're not behaving

    Tailored Calls for Naughty and Nice Kids Whether your little one is being naughty or nice in the lead up to Christmas, Call Santa Christmas app has tailored scripts to suit all scenarios. Realistic Phone Call Interface Create some Christmas magic using Call Santa app's realistic phone call interface to give the impression that your loved one really is talking to Santa Claus! Handy Script Prompts to help you keep up The app allows you to read the phone call script in advance, and with pauses that allow you to communicate with Santa. Alternatively, you could achieve the same success by asking one of your mates to ring up pretending to be Santa.

    Santa’s Phone Number

    Sadly, we don't think this trick will work with any moody teenagers, so you may need to use an alternate form of bribery for them! Earlier this month, we revealed how to get a letter from Santa back to your kids for the price of a stamp. Whether it's cutting toy costs by bagging Xmas gifts for less, or selling unwanted presents to pay for this Christmas, we've got you covered.

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    phone call from santa free uk Phone call from santa free uk
    phone call from santa free uk Phone call from santa free uk
    phone call from santa free uk Phone call from santa free uk
    phone call from santa free uk Phone call from santa free uk
    phone call from santa free uk Phone call from santa free uk
    phone call from santa free uk Phone call from santa free uk

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