Fitbit ios 7 not syncing

Part 1: How to sync Fitbit with iPhone

For instructions see How do I restart my Fitbit device? If your Fitbit device won't sync after you reinstall the app, log in to your Fitbit account on a different phone, tablet, or computer and try to sync. Windows 10 phone or tablet Make sure these requirements are met: Your phone or tablet has a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.

The Bluetooth setting on your phone or tablet is on. The software on your phone or tablet is up to date. Windows 10 Computer Syncing difficulty is usually caused by a missing requirement. The most recent version of the Fitbit app for Windows 10 is installed. Fitbit Connect software isn't installed.

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Bluetooth is turned on. Bluetooth allows your computer to communicate with your Fitbit device. If you can't find this setting and don't know whether your computer supports Bluetooth, this blog explains how to check for Bluetooth compatibility. If your device isn't connected: Make sure your device is nearby and wait for it to reappear in the devices list.

When it does, tap or click the device again and choose Pair. Mac or Windows 8. Fitbit Connect is installed. To check, look for an icon with the Fitbit logo near the date and time on your computer screen. If you can't find it, try the set up instructions again in How do I set up my Fitbit device? During set up your device connected "paired" to your Fitbit account successfully. To check, log into your fitbit.

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If you don't, click the Fitbit Connect icon. If you're using a Mac and want to sync over Bluetooth, make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

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Prompt Fitbit Connect to sync with your device: You may be asked to sign in to your Fitbit account, after which your device should sync. If you see a message saying your device can't be found, wake it up by pressing its button most devices or tapping it Flex and Zip. Mac only If your computer has Bluetooth: If syncing still doesn't work, your Bluetooth signal may be weak or temporarily compromised.

Restart your device using the instructions in How do I restart my Fitbit device? If your device won't sync after the restart, next try uninstalling and reinstalling Fitbit Connect. For instructions see About the Fitbit app. After weighing in on Fitbit Aria or Fitbit Aria 2, the scale should display a progress bar, followed by a check mark, which indicates the new measurement synced successfully.

If the problem persists, try the following tips: Check that your router is on and working. If other devices are also unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network, restart your router.

Fitbit - how to sync and get notifications with IOS devices

Remove the batteries from your scale for 10 seconds, then reinsert them to restart your scale. They are useful to record and collect health data and meet various fitness goals. And they may also stop working suddenly like any other device. This is because Fitbit is a sturdy and efficient piece of technology. It can be fixed and made proper again with the use of some effective methods. In case Fitbit tracker is not syncing or responding to movement or does not respond even where there is a charger, has a battery charge but is not lighting up or any other issue then it means that you have to restart the tracker.

Are you looking to fix a broken Fitbit? This can be done very easily. Each model of Fitbit can be fixed in a different way.

How to Sync Fitbit (& Other Fitness Trackers) to the iPhone & Apple Health App

Fixing a broken Fitbit can be done in a few steps as mentioned below:. You have to plug the charging cable into the USB port and insert the tracker into charging cable. A paper clip is to be inserted in the tiny pinhole on back of the charger. Press the pinhole with the paper clip for about 4 seconds. Fitbit will now be restarted. A charging cable has to be plugged into the computer. One tracker has to be put into the charging cable. Also make sure the gold contacts on the tracker are aligning with the gold contacts on the inside of the charger.

After removing the tracker from the charging cable, you have to press the button till it is switched on. The tracker is now reset and the Fitbit fixed.

How to Sync Fitbit with iPhone

Remove the battery from the battery door and wait for 10 seconds. The Fitbit has been restarted and should work properly. One end of the charging cable is to be plugged into the USB port and the other end on the back of the Fitbit. The Fitbit will begin charging. You have to hold the button on the Fitbit till an icon and version number appears. Leave the button and remove the tracker from the charging cable. The device is now reset.

Plug a base station or Fitbit USB dock into the computer. Now place a tracker on the dock. Lastly, you have to press the gold button on the bottom of the base station with a toothpick or pen tip. The device has now been reset.

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Do you see your steps on the Fitbit Tracker display? The charging terminals should be aligned with the charging pads and the computer should be switched on. While in the case of Fitbit Zip, you should see the steps after tapping on the screen. If your steps are syncing to Fitbit?

I tried reinstalling the Fitbit but I get to the screen titled "not workin? Thanks for sharing your experience while trying to set up your Fitbit device back to your account. At this moment, if you haven't done it yet, please try the following before setting up your device again:. I hope this can be helpful, give it a try and let me know the outcome!

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Why won't my Fitbit device sync?

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Learn more. Flag Post Message 2 of 8. To set up your tracker as a new device:

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Fitbit ios 7 not syncing

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