Dropbox android turn on sync

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Play around with the options on IFTTT to get an idea of all the different ways you can plug Dropbox into your social media accounts. It supports Facebook and Instagram, as we've already mentioned, as well as Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and others.

2. Save files to your phone

Dropbox makes it very easy to share files and folders over the internet: The app provides a link to the content you've stored in the cloud, and you simply paste that URL into an email or send it over social media. Even if recipients don't have their own Dropbox accounts, they can still click this link to view the content you're sharing. In addition to this simple sharing, take a look at the extra options that Dropbox provides.

In particular, it lets you put expiration dates on links.


Using camera uploads

The main reason you might want to do this is because it gives your files extra security. For example, if the link subsequently falls into the wrong hands after the expiration time has passed, your foes won't be able to access your file. Just be sure to mention that the link is time-sensitive when you pass it on to the intended recipient. To add an expiration date, click the Share button next to a file or folder on the web interface, then click Link settings. Pick an expiration date, set the link to last a week or a month, or choose any custom time period you'd like.

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In the same settings dialog box, you can also add a password. Use this option if you're really worried about security, but be aware that it adds an extra complication to sharing files and folders. Setting expiration times, on the other hand, doesn't add much friction at all.

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  • Sync files from a computer.

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Choose which folders should sync to which computers. Sync files for offline access on phones and tablets. Dropbox makes it straightforward to recover deleted files.

Add expiration dates to your links for extra security. Walter Community Moderator Dropbox https: Did this post help you? If so please give it a Like below. Still stuck? Ask me a question! Questions asked in the community will likely receive an answer within 4 hours! The photos are being uploaded by Dropbox's 'Camera uploads' feature. It looks like all these extraneous photos are in the 'Screenshots' album. The good images are in the 'Camera' folder.

Mac and Windows: Check Dropbox settings

Can we disable the automatic uploads for the 'Screenshots' folder? As per your last inquiry now, note that you can disable syncing your screenshots in Preferences of your Dropbox by following these steps: I hope this helps and if you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out! Thanks Walter. Is it possible to do this directly from Android? If I do this from my Windows client, does it also disable the feature on our linked Android phones?

Sync Dropbox and Android the smarter way | Computerworld

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Dropbox android turn on sync

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