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The phone measures 4. On the left is a hard key to launch the camera. The 2-inch TFT screen has a xpixel resolution and can support up to , colors. The display has a wide viewing angle and surprisingly retains a lot of details with photos. At the top of the phone is a 3. You can remove the battery door by prying open a small indent. Once detached, you can gain access to the microSD card slot, which is expandable up to 32GB, and the battery.

On the left are a small and rather flush volume rocker and a Micro-USB port that is protected with a small attached cover. The Cosmos 3's 1. Don't show this again. Prev Next Prev Next. May 29, Caption: Lynn La Photo: I hope you can help I have the cosmos touch, but the touch screen has broke Was told to see about installing drivers? I know I can connect to my computer, is there anyway to go thru the comp into my phone to retrieve the pics and maybe the 's?

They are not saved onto a card, just on the phone! Any help would be soooooo appreciated Thank you!! Is there a way to transfer pictures already in phone memory to a micro SD card,so that I can download the micro card into my PC. I do not know of a way to do this. Best bet may be to take it to the store and ask one of the reps. Good luck. I need, due to a lawsuit, to get my messages sent and received out of my old Cosmos. I removed all my ringtones, sounds, and contacts but found no way to access the messaging storage.

When I forward these messages the "from" and "time" info is not forwarded. Any help would be appreciated. Now I am not sure what kind to get sdhc vs regular I will order from Best Buy and hope for the best!


LG Cosmos Transfer Files Pics and Ringtones to PC

Thanks again, Tom. On the VN it is on the bottom right hand side of the phone. There is a cover where you insert the card into your phone. It is something that must be purchased. If you have a card in there, you many need to give it a small push to make sure it is locked in. Hi Tom, have a stupid question. What is a micro cd card? Is it for the phone or my windows 7 PC. I followed your instructions and get error card not inserted on my phone.

Cbrtlsseca - Every could of months I do a quick check to see if there is anything out there and I've not found anything free or paid. I can't for the life of me figure out why they don't include something a little better in one of the software upgrades but they haven't. If I find something, I'll be sure to post a note. Thanks for the help with the card, but I am trying to find a MP3 player for the phone and seem I may be out of luck.

Since the player on this phone stops the song if I look at the phone funnny.

Verizon's LG Cosmos 3

Was wondering if you or anyone has found a MP3 player app that will work. I don't care if it is free or not. Tom T - Great help in getting this LG phone connected for ringtones and pics. Expected plug and play to take care of this automatically and was getting nowhere. Your summary instructions saved me a bunch of time and got me back on track in a few minutes.

Only on power up and when you set the phone in Lock mode manually. There may be a 3rd party app that does this but it is not part of the standard package as far as I can tell. If anyone has a suggestion, please pass it along. Tom, I just got the LG Cosmos and really appreciate this hub. Thanks for creating it and keeping it up to date. My question for Tom or anyone is this. I would like to be able to secure my phone all the time so I have to enter the 4 digit security code whenever I want to use it.

I know there is a way I can manually go through about 6 steps to put my phone into secure mode, but I would like this to happen automatically, perhaps after a few minutes of inactivity like my old blackberry. Any ideas? Dimushi - Glad to help but I'm afraid this one is out of my pay grade. I don't know how they are organized and I don't really see how they are organizing pictures. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this questions Your site was most helpful when I first acquired this phone, and I was grateful for your posts.

There is one issue I am having with the pictures on the phone. Why is it that they are arranged by modified date? Is there any way to sort the pictures by name? I have the MicroSD card, and have used my computer to add to the card before reinserting the card into the phone. Same problem, sorted by modified date. Any clues? Thanks so much.

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Umesh - No problem.. Glad my misfires helped someone out. You hit right on the head. The part I was missing was formatting using phone option. It's working perfectly fine now. As of yet I do know know of any drivers for a Mac. You could try texting some of your pictures to an email and see if you can capture them on your MAC to save them that way. Thanks for posting this helpful information.

I have a Mac and was trying to download the LG Cosmos driver and it didn't recognize it. Is there another version for the Mac that you know of? All that I'm trying to do is move my pictures onto my computer to free up some space on my phone by moving pictures. I also would like to put some ringtones on my phone but that isn't necessary.

Thank you very much! Umesh - Did you format your SD card? If so where did you drop the file? There is ring tones and sounds. You need to navigate to the right folder to see the song. Rocky - I don't think the Cosmos can run. Name - Can't help you there. I haven't found much support for applications or games with this phone. What formats are acceptable for games? I also want to know if you have any tips for transferring games to phone. What file format is for apps? Just switched to LG Cosmos and am trying to download bible app that is a.

I've tried two different Bible apps that are both the. Any clue? Thanks for the tip. I could transfer the file but when I go back on the phone and try to see songs, it didn't show anything. Is there anything I am missing? Jeff - two things. First to talk with the phone your computer needs a driver.

See above in the interface to PC section but more importantly, I don't think you need to download anything as you have already move the files over. I put a few mp3's in the "my sounds folder" At his point i want to play music! Miranda - Since I don't think you can insert upside down, my guess is that you need to format the card. Note that formatting will destroy any data on the card so proceed with caution.

This also creates the folders on your card where you store your tunes, ringtones and Pictures. I put my sd card into my cosmos and tried to move some pictures to the sd card but it said card not inserted. Do you know what I could do to get it to work? Any information would help.

How to transfer photos from an Android smartphone or tablet to a PC

Turtletime - I'm not sure and my sense is that it does not. If anyone has different info, please send it along. I've had no problems with mp3 files. There are a couple audio file formats like. Be sure of the actual format of your file. Here's a partial list of all the file formats I found that could be stored on the microSD card in the following folders;. Hi Tom, thanks for your reply, anyway. My other question stands-- do you or does anyone know if installing a microSD card will or can increase the Cosmos' capacity for storing saved text messages?

If so, this alone would be helpful to me. Thanks again, TT. I know of no other way than to email them. If I find something I'll be sure to update this hub. I get the question often. Sorry I could not help more. I'm having the same problem as BigBobby -- I very much need to get or so text messages off of my Cosmos and saved onto my computer. Emailing them to myself doesn't work consistently and wouldn't be practical for that number of texts in any case. I don't yet have a MicroSD card, although it doesn't sound like that would do the trick anyway.

Would putting a MicroSD card in the phone even increase its capacity for storing texts? I've also tried downloading and using BitPim, but it won't work with this phone. Other hardware? Other software?

Other ideas? Please help! Thanks very much. Sounds like a catastrophic failure. If you have not done a soft reset by removing the battery you could try that but I'm afraid I don't have any other suggestions. Please let us know what you find if you take it back to the store. My other numbers where not saved by the backup so the olny option is to get them from the bad phone but i can not. If it is an LG Cosmos, then I'm not sure why you could not just move it over.

If it is not, do you have a way to put those pictures on your desktop? If so you could then upload them to your new phone via the USB connection to the phone. I just received my LG Cosmos Touch. I have an SD micro chip and I am attempting to put my pictures from my old phone onto the new phone The phone says 'No Use Content' for all info stored on the card except one song that was on the phone.

When I put the card in the old phone or the computer all data is there. Any suggestions?

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Nick W - Thanks for the question. Without knowing more detail I'd guess that your SD card is not formatted properly. The sound files have to be put into folders meant for sound files. My suggestion is to try formatting your SD Cards and move the files to a sound Vs. Picture or contact folder. Jakari - I have not done this but there may be a way if you have a data package.

A word of caution - there is only 20M so memory is significantly limited for sound files because you need room to keep contacts and pictures on the phone. Hey i have a cosmo and i have a mac and when i attempt to send an mp3 via bluetooth it tells me its and unsupported file format.

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Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Tom T more. Buy Now. I've had time to play with many of the features, so here's my LG Cosmos review. First here's a list of the core features and I still love the phone but I've dropped it a couple of times, so it is time to think about getting one of those LG Cosmos cases or protectors so it doesn't So far there have been 2 problems, one related to charging and the other related to the interface freezing when trying to save a picture.

Computer Networking. Digital Cameras. Thanks for stopping by. John - Great Tip. Thanks for sharing. Every little bit of help is appreciated. Thanks a billion for this information You all rock.. You can transfer pictures etc. Amacx86 - Good to know it works with Linux. Thanks for the share. Under that either go into the My Ringtones setting select the file you want to move over using the options selection or under card memory select "Move All to Phone" This should move your ringtones from your SD card to your phone where you can use the standard options to set ringtones.

Chris - You could try moving your sounds to your phone. What am I doing wrong? Or does my phone just hate me A very likely possibility. Thanks btw, helped me set up music on here Second - Is there a way to turn off the voice command thing, so that it doesn't pop up anytime the headphone cord moves a little bit can't even notice sound cut out, but it detects it and stops the music and waits for a voice command Thanks, I'm assuming there are no fixes for these issues, but thought I would ask anyways, can't complain about a free mp3 portable radio, lol.

JK - No worries, but thanks for helping. You added a few more details. Tom - I didn't see that you had replied Sorry and thank you! Sincerely, Jogn. Thanks again. You really can't put it in backwards as the card is keyed to fit only one way. Hope that helps. Jemma Thank you for the compliment.

How to Download Contacts From an LG Cosmos to a Computer | anyheriq.ga

You made my day. Glad to be a help. I'd like to tell you that you've been a huge help. Thank you very much. Tom, You hit right on the head. Thanks for the great tips. Mark, As of yet I do know know of any drivers for a Mac. Tom, Thanks for posting this helpful information.

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