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We ordered an iPad from Target. Our item was to be delivered by December 4th.

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December 4th came and went and nothing was delivered. Again nothing ever came and the iPad never shipped. Finally I called and asked them to cancel the order and issue my REDcard a refund. I was told that they could not cancel my order but I would receive a refund. I decided to buy another iPad at this time and pick it up in the store. I have called Target over 10 times and spent at least hours of my life trying to straighten out this debacle.

Today is January 10, and I called Target AGAIN this morning after being told my refund was issued 10 days ago, because of course I still have not been issued a refund. Over a month has passed and literally nothing has progressed or changed. I have zero confidence in Target. So I ordered 4 two vanilla and two chocolate. Received an email that they only had one chocolate plus the vanillas so I would be refunded for one, which meant paying full price for one with no discount. I went to the store one hour after receiving the email. I Go to the desk and told the lady I would just get another vanilla if they had it.

She scanned them and said, "It looks like we are out of vanilla but do have chocolate? She said, "We must have got a truck in and you can go back and pick one up. I walk back to aisle A39 and the shelf is stocked with both flavors. I take it back to desk and tell her, after waiting in line again. Spend the extra 1. Learned my lesson. I have to say this experience was awful. Received a gift card for Christmas and I called the number and zero balance. First thing to come to mind was not activated. Today I call and they tell me I went to a fake website. I called before going to the website.

Well someone stole the money from the card and all I got was, "Too bad. You're out of luck. Why would Target allow that to be done online. Well it was more than mine. The card that was transferred to had several transfers to that card then spent the same day. What kills me is that Target was aware that this has been happening and just kept it a secret. So I am supposed to take their word for it. Looks like I have to think twice about using their site again and I definitely will never purchase their gift cards.

I call and ask to talk to public relations and they tell me to call the gift card department and refuse to transfer me. Amazon keeps their customers informed not a secret so the theft keeps on going!

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I feel as if, in this day and age with the proliferation of barcode scanners, there's no excuse for companies not investing in inventory systems that don't give up-to-the-minute results Both Target online and the Cartwheel app, have told me that something is "in stock"; only to find out that whenever I get to my local Target, the item is "sold out".

It took hours of research before I finally found someone else's review indicating that this happens because, apparently, Target's inventory is NOT tracked in real time; and only reflects what is "in stock" as of the morning of the day in which you are browsing the site, instead of updating throughout the course of the day. Please update your systems! The employee refused to adjust the prices. I asked to return the new things I ordered online that I was picking up at this time, she refused, telling me that I have to wait 24 hours until I can return the items.

I asked for the manager, she said she was the manager and no way out of this situation. When he was called in the store mic to come to talk to me, she tried to come as if she was the manager again. I read the target policy from the app on pickup. It states "A printed receipt can be issued at the time of pickup upon request". She lied to me: Besides she refused to adjust items picked up one day before offer began! We chose Target for our registry and are so beyond disappointed with the service I discourage anyone from using it. We were shipped some very expensive items that were glass and porcelain in a huge box with little to no padding and they obviously broke.

We called Target and they said it was an easy fix and we would get replacements in three days. However, the items never showed. So we called again and they apparently had been shipped to the person who bought us the gift, not us and she returned them because she thought it was just an error and didn't want them. So then Target told us if we bought the two items they would reship them and reimburse us because they now messed up twice. Very weird.

Apparently they have no recollection of the last encounter and want to just offer us a refund for the broken items. Which we don't want. We were given those items as a gift and Target essentially stole those gifts as well as over 50 dollars from us. Target does not follow through with their price adjustments. Any company can call a reduced priced item clearance and then not do a price adjustment?

How is this legal? Ordered items for Xmas. UPS never delivered for some reason and sent the items back to Target. No one ever contacted me or refunded me for the items. I finally called them to find out what was going on. They then said they would issue a refund, but I never received the refund. When I called 14 days later they said the refund would be in the form of a gift card. Still I never received it. The items I never received were meant to be Xmas presents and I wanted to have them re-sent.

They were unable to do that for some reason! They said I had to order them again, but of course now the price had doubled. Instead of just adjusting the price for me, they made me pay full price then said they would issue another refund for the difference. I had to spend an hour on the phone with a Target rep to get that taken care of! All the time different reps I talked to who are all speaking English as second language so communication is challenging kept saying they didn't have authority to provide the refund.

Target doesn't have customer service reps who actually can serve customers.

They are beyond incompetent. On December 19th I ordered a Christmas gift and chose Target. So with 5 days until Christmas, I thought I had nothing to worry about. This is false advertising. I did not only pay for an item, I paid for a service. There are hundreds of my exact complaint online but most people will not want the hassle of escalating their issue, which is upsetting.

All these people, myself included, would have purchased their items from other companies, but target placed false ads, made empty promises, and did not deliver on their contractual obligation. If I did something like that I would be in jail. I purchased a pair of headphones online at Target. They said I could pick them up at my local store. When I got to the store the next morning when they opened, they said they no longer had the headphones, the night before online information was not up to date.

They sent me to another Target where they had one pair left. The manager said I couldn't switch the pickup store I had chosen. I explained that they were the ones who sent me to her store since they no longer had the headphones. She said there was now a hold on my payment, which were Target gift cards, and that I couldn't purchase the headphones for a couple of days until the payment hold cleared.

I told her that that didn't make any sense, since they were the ones who had sold me the headphones with the wrong information. I went home to cancel the order and one option was ship to home. It said 2 day shipping so I clicked and then it said they wouldn't arrive for at least a week! I contacted through Live chat the Target representative who said she couldn't cancel my order even though I had only placed it 10 minutes ago! She was quite rude and no help at all. She said that since the order was in the system nothing could be done.

I shop at Target every week and spend a lot of money there, but this experience has really soured me on their policy. If you have an issue with your Target order, please be prepared to be treated so rudely and with no regard for your issue. Not only was the shipping date falsely advertised, when I called about the issue to make sure the gift I ordered would arrive on time, I was basically told I was a liar.

Thankfully, I had screenshot the information and was able to send it via email. I have such disrespect for Target now. Went to Erie store to make an exchange. I was told that I would only get part of it back because it's "on sale" same price online that was paid at time of purchase. They did not have item available.

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Asked if I could use card online - told I could but then tried to order items online when I got home - can't use it. What a racket. I didn't get the item, or the purchase price, and I have a store card that is useless unless I want to drive 60 miles back to Erie to use it. Wow, what a racket - and I forgot to mention that Natalie hung up on me during live chat.

I will never shop at Target and I'm going to be sure to tell the person who bought this gift for me how it was handled. I love, love, love, Target.

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Ordered Christmas gift for my son on Dec. Item was at my local store but according to employees they didn't have enough manpower or equipment to find my order, even though the ordered stated it would be available Dec. Manager gave me a gift card for amount paid and sent me to another target that supposedly had the item in stock, of course I get to this other Target and the item is sold out.

So now the main gift that my son wanted for Christmas will not be there and the purpose of ordering online is to prevent all the frustration, crowds, and running around which I ended up doing anyway with no prevail. Online order was empty box as postman noted a huge RIP in the side. He made digital notes, I took pics. Contacted Target through email. Nothing 10 days later.

Called CS. Woman supposedly sent request for refund. We will see. Nothing to date. Awful experience and lack of human intervention. Sears went down this same path. I was happy that I was able to find the item that I was looking for, I have been looking all over at different stores and I could not find it. I was able to get it at a store around my job instead of in my neighborhood.

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